Rules & Regulations

  • 1. Students should arrive at school 15 minutes before the Assembly. Soon after the assembly bell, the school gates will be locked and the late comers will return home at the risk of the parents / guardians. Participation in the morning assembly is compulsory for all in Carmel.

  • 2. Carmel students should behave in a decent manner on their way to school. They are reminded that the school is judged by their conduct. Therefore, Students are answerable to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behaviour outside the school. Any report on objectionable conduct on the part of the students, exposes them to disciplinary action, not excluding expulsion.

  • 3. English shall be spoken at all times in the school premises by the students and even while coming to school and returning.

  • 4. Students should take good care of their books and their personal belongings. Each article should be marked with the student's Name, S.R.No., Class and Section.

  • 5. The school is not responsible for the goods lost and students are not allowed to bring any expensive article to school.

  • 6. School diary should be brought to school daily. Novels, Magazines, News papers and so on are not to be brought to school.

  • 7. No student is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours or recess without the permission of the Principal or Vice Principal. No child will be sent home even if some urgent need arises, unless a duly authorized person comes to fetch her with a note of authorization from the parents or guardian.

  • 8. All students are expected to bring tiffin with them for the recess.

  • 9. No student shall carry mobile phone or any kind of electronic gadget to the school. Use of it in school campus is punishable under law. If found, such articles will be confiscated and will be returned only to the parents at session end.

  • 10. Students shall not offer gifts or presents to the teachers.

  • 11. Any damage done to the school property should be made good by the students concerned.

  • 12. All homework should be done neatly and the day's work always dated.

  • 13.Smoking, chewing gum, chewing tobacco or pan masala and consuming alchoholis strictly forbidden in the school premises.

  • 14. Students should treat others respectfully and are responsible for other's good name. Calling nick-name, spreading rumours, use of slang etc. are strictly forbidden, and are liable to strict disciplinary action.

  • 15.Students are to address their teachers and all members of the school with respect and politeness.

  • 16.Every student is expected to subscribe to small charities if requested by the Principal. However no fines, funds or collections are to be made in the school without the written permission or notice from the Principal.

  • 17. It is compulsory for every student to take part in curricular and co- curricular activities organized by the school.

  • 18. Girls must tie their hair neatly in two plaits with black bands with cenire or side parting (No puff allowed). They will wear a white knee length slip under their uniform.

  • 19. Personal cleanliness is very essential. The fingernails should be trimmed, and the shoes be polished daily. Wristwatch, bangles, hair pin, rings, colour ear rings, ornaments, jewellery, nail polish, mehendi, hair colouring etc. are not allowed in the School for any class.

  • 20. Wearing of uniform at school every day is compulsory for all. A student who is not properly dressed and groomed may be excluded from the class or sent back home. They should therefore be provided with sufficient sets of uniform.

  • 21. Bags made of soft materials are to be used by the students for bringing books to the class.

  • 1. Unauthorised absence from the school is not tolerated except in sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances. Reasons for absence, due to unforeseen circumstances, or due to sickness which may exceed two or three days must also be stated briefly in the regularity record and has to be signed first by the Class Teacher and then by the Principal /Vice Principal.

  • 2. It is mandatory for the students to attend the school on days marked “Compulsory Attendance”. In case of sickness, notify the Principal on the same day with relevant medical documents.

  • 3. Admission to the class for absentees is granted only when they show the class teacher the Regularity Record duly countersigned by the Principal / Vice Principal.

  •              • If absent for one day enter the reason in the regularity record and show only to Class Teacher.

  •              • If the leave is for wo days and more the regularity record and the leave note has to be first shown to the Class Teacher and then to the Principal/ Vice Principal.

  • 4. All leave must be applied for in writing to the Principal. NO STUDENT SHALL PROCEED ON LEAVE WITHOUT SANCTION AND PERMISSION, SPECIALLY WHEN THE LEAVE EXCEEDS 2 DAYS. Such reasons as birthdays, excursions, festivals, weddings, urgent business, preparation for examination are not considered sufficient.

  • 5. If any unauthorized ABSENCE EXCEEDS TEN CALENDAR DAYS, the defaulter's NAME WILL BE STRUCK OFF THE ROLLS and considered withdrawn.

  • 6. No transfer certificate will be issued to the student without clearing the dues.

  • 7. Early departure from school to be entered in the space provided for inthe school diary.

  • 1. School begins at 7.20 a.m. Students should be inside the gate by 7.15 a.m. after which the gates will be closed. The late comers will not be allowed to enterin.

  • 2.Submission of projects, note books should be as instructed by the teacher. On late submission, the teacher is not entitled to mark the students.

  • 1. The School fees cover twelve calendar months will be paid as per fee schedule. No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods. Pupils are liable to be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the rolls.

  • 2. Parents will kindly save the fee receipts issued to them for counter checking by the school office.

  • 3. The school reserves the right to revise the fees without prior notice.

  • 4. The fee defaulters may be debarred from examinations and are liable to have their names struck off the rolls

  • 1. No conveyance is provided by the school.

  • 2. Due to lack of parking space no student is permitted to bring 2 wheelers to school. Only cycles are permitted.

  • 3. While visiting the school, parents are requested to park their vehicle at the underground parking, Mahanagar situated close by to avoid the inconvenience that may be caused to the general public.

  • 1. A Transfer Certificate from the school last attended shall be presented at the time of admission to HKG and above.

  • 2. All students must produce proper Birth Certificate. A valid Birth Certificate is fo be submitted at the time of admission.

  • 3. A new candidate must be introduced personally to the Principal by the parents.

  • 4.The age required for admission to LKG is 3% years. An interaction of both the parents together with child is required.

    • (a) Guardians are expected to fill in the admission form with utmost accuracy. No subsequent change will be permitted thereafter for any reason.
    • (b) There is no automatic admission to Std. XI from Std. X. Admission is purely based on one's performance, discipline, and obedience during the previous school years.

  • 1. A month's notice is required before withdrawing a student from the school.

  • 2. No school leaving certificate will be issued unless requested in writing by the parent and the dues are cleared.

  • 3. The Principal reserves the right to take disciplinary action against the students, whose attendance is irregular, who do not pay their fees, who are habitually absent, lazy, dishonest or disobedient, who fail to make satisfactory progress in their studies or whose conduct in any way is detrimental to the discipline of the institution; of immorality, or whose sickness is liable to be injurious to other students.

  • 4. After taking admission in any class, if a student absents for 10 continuous days, the name will be struck off the rolls.