Parental Co-operation

Recommendations Of The Parents

  • ♦ Parents and guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities in all matters concerning formation and education of their child. Parents are to look into the school diary every day and see to it that lessons and homework assigned for the next day are done. Communication made in the diary by the Principal or the teachers should be seen and countersigned.

  • ♦ Criticism of child’s teacher or the school in the presence of the child should be avoided as it is likely to affect their good name.

  • ♦ If the parents have any grievance against any of the teachers, they are advised to meet the Principal and settle the matter amicably.

  • ♦ We do not recommend that parents engage private tutors unnecessarily. We discourage tuitions since they may prove harmful to the real progress of the student.

  • ♦ Parents are always welcome to meet the Principal to discuss the progress of their children during office hours. To consult the teachers regarding the progress of their children appointment is to be made through the Vice-Principal or the Principal for the free time of teachers or after class hours.

  • ♦ Please urge your wards to be regular and punctual in attendance and insist on neatness and cleanliness of their text books, exercise books and personal appearance.

  • ♦ No guardian is allowed to go into any classroom or go upstairs without the specific permission from school authorities.

  • ♦ The parents are requested not to give their cell phones for the use of the school students while visiting the school.

  • ♦ Attendants who bring children to school must come respectably dressed and leave the school immediately.

We expect our students:

  • ♦ To be friendly with one another in and out of School

  • ♦ To avoid vulgarity in their talk and behaviour and thus uphold the dignity as Carmel students

  • ♦ To accept whatever work is assigned to them as their rightful share

  • ♦ To offer help to any unattended visitor they happen to meet in the School premises

  • ♦ To rise when any Sister, Teacher or Visitor enters or passes through any room in which they happen to be

  • ♦ To greet their teachers, all the members of the staff and elders wherever they meet

  • ♦ To be courteous and sportsman like with opposing teams and with officials

  • ♦ To respect the library and rights of other students using it

  • ♦ To respect the beauty of the School premises and to report any damage which they may observe

  • ♦ To avoid dropping papers in the School premises and to pick up any paper dropped by others

  • ♦ To learn and observe good manners everywhere

  • ♦ To desist from writing or drawing on the black board, from writing or soiling the walls and furniture

  • ♦ To speak well of the School, Management, Teachers and Schoolmates

  • ♦ To move gracefully and silently from the classroom to play ground, labs, hall and return in the same manner

  • ♦ To submit at the office any valuables found in the campus

  • ♦ To make the School Campus a place of happy interaction and joyful growing